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Akhil Akineni Needs Some More Time to Debut

Rumours are making rounds that Akkineni family is getting ready for his debut and a director is also confirmed. But the young debuting hero has kept full stop to all such things, by confirming what is happening in reality.Few reports indicated that Akhil has grown up and ready to face cameras, and King Nagarjuna has now finalized director Sreenu Vytla for the introduction movie his younger son. But surprised with all the false stories, Akhil himself took to twitter to give a clarity to Akkineni fans.‘Just clearing the air, I haven’t signed any movie at the moment. I’m still in the process of getting ready for my debut’, said Akhil, putting a stop to the brewing rumours. He stressed that debut movie means not a joke and one should get right advise and help to setup the right script for debut. ‘As soon as I’ve finalized a project, I’ll announce it myself. Until then laying low and gearing up for the biggest day of my life’, he concluded.

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