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Allu Arjun Sarrainodu Movie Review

Allu Arjun Sarrainodu Movie ReviewGana (Allu Arjun), S/O Chief Secretary, doesn’t hesitate to take law into his hands whenever justice was denied. After a short stint as Army Officer, He resigns to the post to serve the people. CM’s Son Vairam Dhanush (Aadi Pinisetty), a blood-thirsty criminal, becomes a threat to the society. Because of two women in his life, Gana confronts Aadi and ends up as his arch rival. What does Dhanush plan to take vengeance & how Guna counters them for the rest of the tale.

Viewers will be shocked by the kind of transformation Allu Arjun has undergone in ‘Sarrainodu’. He excelled in the full-length mass role. Got beefed up and Changed body language to do complete justice to the character. Particularly, He stole the show in the scenes where he exhibits his attitude.

As Antagonist, Aadi Pinisetty looks stylish but not menacing enough and even his character wasn’t etched properly.

Both Rakul Preet Singh & Catherine Thresa have nothing much to do other than looking glamorous & shaking their legs in songs. Srikanth does justice to his role. Tamil Actor Jayaprakash is quite good as Hero’s Father. Brahmanandam partly succeeds in tickling the funny bone. Vidyalekha Raman fails to entertain.

Camera Work by Rishi Punjabi is top notch. Ram-Laxman’s Fights were outdated. Art Direction is laudable. Ratnam’s Dialogues could have been better. Editing is poor. Production Values are rich. Yet again, Boyapati offered what movie buffs expect from him…a full-length mass masala entertainer. He, however, choose a beaten-to-death Storyline and ends up delivering a mediocre film.

All the films of Boyapati will more or less have a similar format…A cruel villain camp makes the lives of people misery and that’s when a hero rises to fight for justice. Even ‘Sarrainodu’ is more or less the same but Boyapati spoiled it with weak characterizations. Audience will be disappointed if they expect a tug of war between Hero & Villain in the movie. The Protagonist was shown too good at what he does, as a result he always holds an upper hand over his opponents. On the flip side, Villians ends up as weak guy.

Undoubtedly, ‘Sarrainodu’ is Boyapati-mark entertainer and Bunny gives a commendable performance. It must be said that the film is weak in Romance, Family Emotions and Entertainment. Routine story, Illogical scenes & Lack of entertainment loved by class audience were the major drawbacks.

In commercial potboilers, The role of Villain should be as powerful as that of Hero or if not more to create the necessary impact. The rivalry between Hero-Villain in ‘Sarrainodu’ is good but nothing great. One gets the feeling, Boyapati should have added more Hero-Villain confrontation scenes.

Introduction Scenes, Hero-Heroine romance & Comedy occupy most of the First Half. The Interval Block designed by Boyapati is quite interesting. Second Half runs on a predictable note, even Climax is below par & tests the patience of audience. Stunts lacked variety and all of them look one & the same. Bunny’s flawless performance and few Heroism elevating scenes entertain the masses. Overall, ‘Sarrainodu’ is a commercial entertainer with a beaten-to-death Story & mindless Action.

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