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Arrangements of Balayas Daughters Marraige

First thing required is the ‘Kalyana Mandapam’.Balayya specially designed the Mandapam with Art director Anand sai who earlier worked for big weddings of Chiranjeevi family.Reports saying that the wedding is going to  take place in a hanging wedding mandap .Art director Anand Sai has made this unique mandap for Balayya’s daughter.Around 200 workers tried hard to get the final shape of the Mandapam from past one month and the architect has arranged two galleries for the VIPs on the stage itself.The mandap has fully arranged with gold coated clothes.Imported flowers had used on the stage and most of imported from Bangkok and special care has taken in the colors of flowers and most of them were in yellow which reflects TDP sign. Next thing is the food arrangements,balayya and family took utmost care on food arrangements and unlike other marriage functions it will be purely homemade .Balayya youngaged special chefs from Krishna district and it’s a purely veg which includes ‘Panasa pottu curry’ along with  Mushroom.There will be total around 25 items which are going to serve for the guests.The last thing is dowry …Yes this is the one which used to get much attention. Sources saying that Balayya has bought one big house at Jubilee hills which is surrounded with lavish gardens and along with that he need to give 35 percent share in all his properties.Last but not least about the attendants of the wedding…the big question is about NTR presence in the marriage.Many doubts has raised on NTR presence and finally all doubts went in vain. Yes, young Tiger NTR is going to attend the marriage function along with his family.

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