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Bahubali Telugu Movie Review

Bahubali Telugu Movie ReviewBaahubali is the movie in the crazy of combination of Rajamouli and prabhas as we all know.As per the Confidential reports,full story of the film is as follows..Amarendra Bahubali(Prabhas) is the Emperor of the Mahishmathi Dynasty and her wife is Devasena(Anushka).
The Kingdom was in peace during the reign of Bahubali.But brother of Bahubali who is the minister in the court of bahubali Bijjala Deva(Nasar) was cruel in his thoughts and he mingle with the villain BallalaDeva(Rana) and collapses the kingdom of Bahubali and captures the empire from Bahubali by massaccaring Bahubali.After the capture of the kingdom,BallalaDeva installs an Idol of his and made the whole people of th empire as his slaves.

Then ballaladeva tries to kill the son of bahubali as well and prisons Devasena.But Devasena saves her son and made him to flee from the cruel empire.Then Son of Bahubali was named as shivudu and protected by some villagers.When shivudu grew up he resembles his father Bahubali in his appearance.

Shivudu loves a girl by name Avanthika(Tammanah) and he approaches the kingdom Mahishmathi in search of avanthika.There he knows about his past and takes revenge over the cruel people BallalaDeva and Bijjala Deva.There are some amazing stunts in between these two shivudu and Ballala.

Plus Points-

2.Best Art Design
3.Actor`s Performances

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