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Balakrishna’s Daughter’s Wedding Jewellery in Talk

Balakrishna’s daughter’s wedding happened recently and it was telecast on all channels. That’s when one got to see the statement neckpieces that both the sisters – Brahmani and Tejaswini – wore during the wedding.The décor was grand and the wedding was held at a huge scale in keeping with the Nandamuri family’s image. Crores were spent on floral decorations, the venue, light effects and food.But all those who watched the wedding could not take their eyes off the beautiful jewellery and the sarees worn by the guests. Many of them were exclusive pieces and one was better than the other.The bride Tejaswini’s jewellery is said to cost approximately Rs 1.25 crore. The diamond, emerald and ruby choker is said to have been designed by her aunt Purandareswari. However, the long necklace she paired it with stood out as a mismatch.The rest of her jewellery was made to match the main piece and her saree. She also wore a diamond-studded belt with emeralds and rubies, nearly half a dozen pairs of bangles including three large kadas, diamond-emerald earrings and a diamond mang ka tikka.While the bride’s saree was beautiful and jewellery was drool-worthy, it was her elder sister Brahmani who stole the show with her diamond choker. It perfectly complimented her pink silk saree and her physique. Reviving an old fashion from the 40’s and the 60’s, she looked perfectly at ease carrying off the necklace. Her neckpiece is said to be worth many lakhs.

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