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Brahmanandam is Paid More than Heroes

As per the sources, Brahmi charges around Rs 3 lakhs per day and Rs 25 lakhs to Rs 40 lakhs per film if he was asked to play a full-length role. In that case, he is currently earning at least Rs 80 – 90 lakhs per month and around Rs 11 crores per year as his call sheets were never empty ever since he began his career with ‘Aha Naa Pellanta’.  Brahmanandam is earning more than the senior star heroes (Balayya, Nag, venky) in the Industry. He is able to do so only because of his ability to produce uncontrollable laughter that ensures Box Office success. Films like Nayak, Baadshah and Balupu have been an example of what he is capable of! None of the top filmmakers would dare to wrap up the shooting without Brahmi and that shows the impression he has created on the minds of audience with his comic timing

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