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Cinema Choopistha Maava- Movie Review

Cinema Chupista Maava ReviewCinema Choopistha Maava’ is the love story of Kaththi (Raj Tarun) who can’t even pass a single subject in Intermediate and Parineetha (Avika Gor) who scores 996 marks out of 1,000 in the same examination. Upon getting to see Parineetha, Love at first sight happens to Kaththi and he even gets acceptance from his lady love after lot of persuading. But, Parineetha’s Father (Rao Ramesh) who is very disciplined and adamant on quality in every aspect rejects Kaththi straight away. Only to get rid of him, This elderly gentleman throws a challenge at Kaththi. What’s this challenge is all about & How was Kaththi able to succeed in it forms the rest of the tale.

Raj Tarun has got good ease in his acting and his confidence levels only got doubled post ‘Uyyala Jampala’. He is equally impressive in scenes meant for comic relief and heart-touching emotions. In his second film too, He uses the Godavari accent and may be there is need to change that at least in the next outing to avoid monotony.

The cuteness factor of Avika Gor is missing in this film and a big NO to her chubby avatar.There is not even much weight for her role in the film as most of the time either Raj Tarun or Rao Ramesh who will be taking the centre-stage.

Rao Ramesh yet again impresses with his flawless performance in the role of a strict father. Praveen, Sathya and Thotapalli Madhu have done a good job. Jabardasth Team has been used nicely to generate humour.

First things first, Logic goes for a toss in ‘Cinema Choopistha Maava’. Hero who was introduced as Inter-fail gets a seat in Engineering college and also bags the Student-of-the-Year Award. On the other hand, Heroine’s Father fixes marriage of his daughter for no reason and all of the sudden. Soon after knowing about his daughter’s love affair, He challenges the hero to care of financial burden of his family for one month to offer his consent for the wedding. Is there any logic here? We find many such illogical scenes in this movie. Lack of chemistry between the lead pair, love story which looks silly and illogical first half are the negatives aspects of the movie.

How can a high-scoring girl fall in love with an aimless youth? Director convinced the audience here with two key confrontation scenes between Raj Tarun and Rao Ramesh.

The actual story begins with Interval Bang and Director executed the Second Half very nicely, though by taking Cinematic Liberty. Few emotional scenes in Climax have come out well and the Comedy Quotient is high in this block.

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