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Facebook Launches New Feature-Live Streaming

Facebook Launches New Feature-Live StreamingSocial Netwroking Facebook launched a new feature which allows users to stream live video technology. This technology still in initial phase, This live streaming technology will be available only for a few people in USA and that too for iPhone Users. Facebook plans to bring this technology to all the users across the world in the near future.

Launching this new technology, Facebook explained about this feature on facebook blog: “Live lets you show the people you care about what you’re seeing in real time – whether you may visiting a new place or cooking your favourite recipe or just want to share your thoughts.”

Facebook’s new feature Live streaming will display the total count of live viewers and their names and friends who are watching live now and along with real-time comments.In the Last one year onwards Live Streaming feature on Smartphones have become so popular.People are so crazy about this new Feature

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