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Famous Heroine Cheats 11 Software Engineers !

Famous Actress cheats 11 Software Engineers !Film industry is known for Glamour.Along with the Glamour, there is also some sleaze and cruelty also here.A small Heroine in Kollywood Film Industry named Shruti allegedly cheated 11 software Professionals. The Heroine Reportedly took nearly 1 Cr Rupees from all these 11 Software Engineers with a promise of Marrying them.

The Shruthi would select few Rich candidates from matrimony web sites and contact them through Phone.She would also initimately contacted through Facebook and promise to marry. Shruthi would ask for some Money and later she abscond. This is happened for Past some time.But every one hesitated to complain about her. It since they would embarassed in the public.
Finally one person came forward  and complained against her. Up on the investigation of  Police .They found that the Actress has cheated 11 Software Professionals  and now fled with out a trace. Police have started Investigation and tracking her through her mobile and her social networking profiles. Its high time, people should be aware of online activities in this age of Cyber Crimes.


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