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Gopichand Loukyam Movie Review

Loukyam Movie ReviewStory:
‘Loukyam’ is the story of a guy who is very diplomatic in nature and how he manages to handle some of the complex situations to achieve his goal. Love blossoms between a diplomatic youth (Gopichand) and a bubbly girl (Rakul Preet Singh). A twist here creates a gap between them. How did the love birds re-unite forms the rest of the tale.

He looks handsome and improved his comic timing to a great extent with this movie.

: She performs well in a bubbly role, looks gorgeous and exudes glamour when required. Surely, This beauty will have a bright future in TFI.

He plays a full length role and need less to say any character is a cakewalk for this Legend. Combo scenes of Brahmi-Chandramohan, Brahmi-Sampath-Mukesh Rushi have come out well.

30 Years Prudhvi: After ‘Khadgam’, He shows what a fantastic actor he has been by producing some hilarious moments in the Climax.

Rest of the cast including Mukesh Rushi, Sampath, Hamsa Nandini, Krishna Bhagwan, Pragathi, Shakalaka Shankar and Others were adequate.

Transformation of Gopichand and Director Srivas from serious ‘Lakshyam’ to hilarious ‘Loukyam’ is appreciable. A few hiccups in the narration are quite visible but they have has been successfully overcomed by some hilarious moments.

There’s nothing special about Anup Rubens Songs but his Background Score is decent. Story by Sridhar Seepana and Screenplay by Kona Venkat-Gopimohan reminds use of several successful films in the past decade. Cinematography is neat. Editing is crisp. Dialogues are very good. Production Values are the best in Gopi’s career.

The best elements of ‘Loukyam’ are Gopi-Rakul’s chemistry, Brahmanandam’s comedy track and 30 Years Prudhvi’s spoof on Legend & Aagadu in Climax. All those who embrace comedy could give it a watch!

At Box Office, ‘Loukyam’ is going to be a sure shot hit and biggest grosser for Gopichand till date. Finally, A much-needed success for the Macho Hero after several years and Gopi-Srivas were now officially a hit combo

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