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Hansika faced inconvenience in Goa beach

Bubbly Beauty Hansika who was doing shooting for Tamil film ‘Vuyere Vuyere’ in Goa beach got to taste her popularity.  As part of the shooting, a song was being pasteurized on her at the Goa beach where she had to walk along the shore of the beach. While the scene is being canned, public in the beach rounded up her calling ‘Hansika Hansika” and posed pictures with her causing little bit inconvenience to her and forcing the unit to cancel the shoot..
But, the chubby star was all happy and overwhelmed for the recognition and said “though I am not a Bollywood star, I am surprised that people still recognize me here. With great difficulty and efforts of the security personnel, I could come out”.  But Hanshu baby should remember that ‘all days are not Sundays’ and better stay away from these silly ideas in future.

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