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Heroine Much More Interested in Prostitution!

Film Industry Is  known  to everyone that so many  heroines in industry caught Red handed in Sex Scams. Heroines like Bhuvaneswari, Yamuna, Saira Bhanu, Kinnera and many are  Caught in Sex Rockets.In last month Hyderabad Police  many cases on TV cum film actresses’who are doing prostitution.. Everyone remember cute Heroine  of “Kotha Bangarulokam” heroine Swetha Basu Prasad who is she in  acted as innocent girl in the film and she  caught red hand by Hyderabad police in a Famous Star Hotel. While Poline men Investigating she revealed about her unusual sex business. News is that she is charging 3 Lacs for per person if he is normal category.if the customer belongs to any political or Well name person she will charge 6 Lakhs for 3 Hours”. She is saying that she is doing this business with the help of some brokers and she is paying commission to the brokers, she also told two another Heroine names are  included in this worst business.

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