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Heroines Are Afraid To Work With Allari Naresh

Hero Allari Naresh, who doesn’t have those regular qualities of a commercial hero yet a highly paid busiest hero in Tollywood. Surprisingly Naresh is not able to pull at least a single hit this year so far. His films always perform on an average scale at box office, but in 2013 both Action 3D and Kevvu Keka disappointed him hugely. Naresh has now joined hands with his mentor Ravi Babu to create miracles, and you will amaze to hear that married beauty Bhumika Chawla is paired opposite him.At the moment, she looks a bit plump with aunty-kind looks and will be a mismatch beside Naresh for sure. People are joking that upcoming heroines are afraid to work with Naresh and hence he is running after aunties. They say that our comedy hero is an iron-leg for hot beauties

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