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iPhone 6s is Free for Donating Sperm

iPhone 6s is Free for Donating SpermApple iPhone 6s Mania really Shaking the entire world today, Especially in China ,recently a man tried to sell one of his kidney to bought for a new iPhone 6s .Now Chinese people need not to worry anymore for the money.A sperm bank was established in china and offering a new iPhone 6s for the sperm donors. A sperm bank collecting nearly 17 ml of Sperm for an amount of 6,000 Chinese yuans,which is nearly Rs. 60,000.

However Sperm Donor Should meet some conditions to avail iphone6s .First is Donor Must be Chinese,with Chinese Citizen Identity Card and holding a College Degree.Second One is ,The Donor has to be at least 165 Cms Height and he should not have any Diseases.
After Fulfilling eligibility norms then Donors have to undergo a full health Checkup by the Sperm Bank.The health Chekup will help to the bank to Assess the Fertility Status of the Donors

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