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Is Anjali Addicted to Drinking

Beneath the Beauty of  Heroines there are many failures and pain that the actresses hide.And each one has their own way of responding to such jolts. Even the great Savitri had a tough time during her final days when she got addicted to drinking
.Now, a new gossip has begun to make rounds in the filmnagar circuit and this is about actress Anjali.Apparently, some of the cine folks are stating that she looks very droopy in the mornings as though she has drunk in the night and then went to sleep. They add to it that Anjali is disturbed with few things hence she is taking alcohol.However, those who are close to her and staff of the actress have quashed this as a baseless rumour. They have reportedly revealed that Anjali is taking some medication for a small ailment and that’s what makes her drowsy and look a little hazy.

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