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Kajals High Remuneration Lands Her With no Movies

Kajal Agarwal scored hits in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi within a span of few months and was labeled as the number one heroine of South Cinema. However, she got carried away by the successful streak and got greedy. She demanded for high remuneration and scared off the producers. With Kajal’s demands going over board, producers opted for other heroines and as a result Kajal is left empty handed in Tollywood, despite having excellent track record.Right now Kajal has only two films in Tamil, one with Vijay and the other with Karthi. In Telugu no one is approaching her as she is reluctant to cut down the remuneration. She has already lost a film each with Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan. With Kajal’s self goal, Samantha, Sruthi Haasan and Tamanna are making merry by signing up multiple projects at a time.It is high time for the beautiful lass to realize that money is not all and should be flexible with her demands especially when she is offered a film with some superstar.

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