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Kshanam Movie Review

Kshanam Movie Review-cinesizzlers

Rishi (Adivi Sesh), a software professional in USA, receives a unexpected call from his ex-lover Swetha (Adah Sharma). That’s when he comes to know about the kidnap of Swetha’s Daughter Riya and takes up the mission to trace her. In the process, Rishi gets the doubt whether Swetha is speaking truth or not & Does she really have a daughter named Riya or not? The rest of the story is about chasing the mystery behind the child’s abduction.

Adivi Sesh has been a revelation in ‘Kshanam’ and he carried the whole film on his shoulders. He showed good variations as care-free guy in the flashback and a man with intensity in present times. He is flawless throughout the course of the movie.

Adah Shah played a role which suits her to the T. More than any one, Her fans would love watching her in such roles.

Anasuya’s role has got a shock value and she does complete justice. Satyam Rajesh rocks as a cop. Vennela Kishore, Ravi Varma and Satyadev did well.

‘Kshanam’ is a film with high-technical values. Sri Charan’s song were so-so but Background Score provided by him will mesmerize the audience. Shaneel Deo’s camera work is top notch. Editing is crisp & no scene looks like wastage. Makers deserve credit for maintaining good Production Values inspite of low budget. Screenplay of Ravikanth Perepu & Adivi Sesh is a major asset to ‘Kshanam’. Ravikanth Perepu leaves a mark of his own with debut movie and his grip is dealing a suspense thriller is appreciable. He succeeded in attaining the right tone and gripping narration does the job for him.

Watching the title logo of ‘Kshanam’ closely one gets to know about the clues it offers. Its a combination of large structures in USA, Hyderabad’s monument Charminar and a Girl Child. The plot of ‘Kshanam’ – ‘Protagonist reaching India from America to save a Girl’ was beautifully presented here.

Gripping suspense thrillers like ‘Kshanam’ are a rarity in TFI. Unexpected twists & turns without deviating from the central plot is the real strength of this movie.

Being aware that Screenplay is crucial for any thriller to hit the bull’s eye, Makers took utmost care in keeping the proceeding gripping while unfolding the mystery. Audience keep guessing for most of the time and that’s the USP of ‘Kshanam’.

‘Kshanam’ starts on a slow note and gains momentum during the pre-Interval phase. The non-linear approach while presenting the Flashback is a good attempt. Second Half keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats, especially the last 40-odd minutes. The final twist is hard to digest but one has to appreciate the way ‘Kshanam’ Team presented what they believed in. Thrillers like these aren’t for those who enjoy regular commercial entertainers loaded with slapstick comedy & brainless action.

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