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Lakshmi Prasanna Being Criticized

Lakshmi Prasanna is one hot lady who is enthralling Tollywood with different spheres of talent. Lakshmi first started as a TV talk show host and later became an actress. At that time many criticized her for that foreign accent while pronouncing Telugu language. Later she became a producer, and many condemned that idea as a bad step. However she went on making some sensible films with proper content and proved her acting mettle. Some criticized that she is not an acting material and is resorting to teasing to earn fans. Later when she revealed that none other than Narendra Modi is following her on twitter, some slated it as a self publicity. So why is this criticism all about?Reports have that Manchu Lakshmi is actually feeling bad for the mindsets some fans who always think in negative aspect. They say that she is unhappy with the way some people always criticize her.

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