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Latest Shocking News About Top Heroine

heroine got pregnantShe has been rated as one of the brightest and highly talented natural heroine in the southern film industry and though she does not successed from the Telugu film industry, she has made enough her mark in film industry. However, though her presence on silver screen has been quite hailed, her off screen presence has been a bit shaky.

It is now heard from Film circles that this heroine who was not to be seen quite a while she has actually got pregnant till sometime back, it was heard that she was suffering from a physical illness but the real fact is this one. Close Sources says that the abortion is also done so it will take a while before she gets back on films.

Those who close to her heard this news are in shock since they could not imagine her someone like to getting into such a bad situation but then there are those practical few who says that all this are common in Film industry once female actresses entered into the entertainment industry so there is nothing surprising about it.

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