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Manchu Lakshmis Dominting Voice

Manchu family has got its own mark and branding. Headed by the strict and rugged Mohan Babu, the Manchu family holds good clout in industry. Among them, Lakshmi Manchu is not only elegant but she can also show her other side if things don’t work out.This was noticed by a few when they were at the ‘Potugadu’ audio function. Apparently, Lakshmi was inviting people onstage and one among them was Varun Sandesh. In the first call, Varun didn’t come. Then Lakshmi’s tone changed and said “Ninnu 2nd time pilavaala..” within seconds, Varun came running to the stage.Looking at this, one group said “That family is like that, they keep dominating everyone. This is a bad nature.”

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