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Mega Star Reaction on Pawan Kalyan emotional Speech

Mega Star Chiranjeevi Saturday tried to defend his Brother Pawan Kalyan and his Emotional punch Speech and a call for “Congress hatao Desh ko Bachavoo”. 
Chiranjeevi Speaking to Media, he said that Pawan Kalyan was a sensitive person and he spoke out of his emotions during the launch of his party.He said that although he supports his big brother, his loyalties would remain with the Congress. He defended Pawan’s criticism on the way Congress party divided Andhra Pradesh.However, Chiranjeevi said it was wrong to blame the Congress alone for the State’s division as it was the last one option which took the decision on Telangana. Also Chiranjeevi includes  all parties were equally responsible for Andhra Pradesh State’s division.
Mega Star said that he did not speak to Pawan about his new party Jana Sena.However, he said every indian citizen has a right to launch a new party.Also Congress party has a history of 127 years and it survived severe criticism several times no one can finish the Congress party.at any more

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