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Movie Review Guntur Talkies

Movie Review Guntur TalkiesGiri (Naresh) and Hari (Siddhu) who were from lower-middle class background work in a medical shop. While Giri’s wife elopes with somebody and he himself takes care of his ailing mom & children, Hari is having an affair with Suvarna (Reshmi Gautham) after escaping from a Lady Don Revolver Rani (Shraddha Das). In the nights, They turn thieves to earn some quick bucks. One day, They rob Rs 5 lakhs each in two houses. There after, Police and Don’s Sidekicks chase them. How did Giri and Hari come out of this mess forms the rest of the tale!

Naresh has given one of his career best performance. Even though the content is weak, He tried his best to salvage the movie with his comic timing & natural emotions. Even Siddhu did a good job and they complemented each other very well.

Rashmi Gautham is sensational in ‘Suvarna Naa Sontham’ song. She, however, doesn’t have much scope for acting.

Shraddha Das as Revolver Rani is very bold and she played her part to perfection. Mahesh Manjrekar’s role wasn’t up to the mark. Fish Venkat tickles the funny bone. Raghubabu, Raja Ravindra, Ravi Prakash and Others did a fine job.

Sri Charan’s Music sounds different and that’s what a film in this genre requires. Ram Reddy’s Camera Work is good enough. Production Values are alright. Praveen Sattaru yet again made a different attempt but focussed more commercial aspects rather than story & screenplay. He just followed the Adult Crime Comedies made in the past instead of trying to leave his own mark.

Seems like, Successive failures have brought a lot of change in Praveen Sattaru. Instead of relying on story & screenplay, He concentrated more on the elements which excite the youth. What audience get to see in ‘Guntur Talkies’ is Adult Dialogues, Crass Comedy and Rashmi Gautham’s glamour show.

One wonders why Praveen Sattaru made a film like ‘Guntur Talkies’ after bagging a National Award. Such is the adult content in the movie and no one knows why he has gone to such extremes. ‘Guntur Talkies’ reminds us of ‘Delhi Belly’ when it comes to the adult aspect but the former was so weak in content to make a good impression.

Combination scenes of Naresh and Siddhu worked out to some extent. But, None of the other characters entertained due to weak writing. Even the pace that’s crucial for a Crime Comedy flick is missing here. First Half is loaded with silly sequences and momentum picked up only after the Interval sequence. The flaws continued in the Second Half to test viewers patience. Police interrogation sequence of Giri & Hari irritates. Dragging of scenes spoiled the movie watching experience. Some how, The Director managed to present a decent Climax.

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