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Movie Review Jakkanna

movie-review-jakkannaGanesh (Sunil) is a guy who have immense gratitude for those who helped him at some point in his life and won’t hesitate to go to any extent to pay back. He lands in Vizag for notorious criminal Bairagi (Kabir Singh) and falls madly in love with a Girl (Mannara Chopra). Finally, He traces Bairagi and appears before him. What’s the link between Ganesh & Bairagi? Why do Ganesh want to meet Bairagi & what happened after they came face-to-face with each other? Grab the tickets of ‘Jakkanna’ to know more..!

After shedding weight & gaining muscles, Sunil lost the comic touch for which he is known for! Vast change in the physical appearance and body language have ruined his ability to generate humour. He isn’t even able to earn brownie points with Heroism to make things worse. One thing is for sure, Sunil has been putting a lot of effort to bounce back and his dances were good.

Mannara Chopra fails to leave a good impression either with glamour or performance. Kabir Singh is wasted. One gets the doubt if he is the same guy who looked menacing in ‘Jil’. Rest of the cast is alright.

Dinesh composed tunes which will suit a mass subject and they have given good scope for Sunil to shake his leg on the dance floor. Background Score is ordinary. Nothing special about Ram Prasad’s Camera Work. Production Values are rich. Seems like, Producer have spent more than the market of Sunil. ‘Raksha’ Director Vamsi Krishna attempted an out and out commercial subject this time. But, His script lacked originality & logic to produce a money spinner.

Basic Plot & Screenplay of ‘Jakkanna’ keeps on irritating the viewers after a point. Audience get disconnected with the story during the Interval Block. In the second half, Comedy Scenes start coming one after the other without any logic.

Audience wait to know if there is any specific reason for the behaviour of Hero but only in the Climax they realize that they were expecting too much. Kabir Singh’s Introduction is powerful. But, The impact has been diluted by making him look like a baffoon in the other scenes. None of the Six Songs were appreciable and most of them appear forced.

Saptagiri brings the much needed relief with his role as Dummy Kung Fu Master & Spoof inspired from Memory Loss concept in ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’. Even Pruthvi succeeds to some extent with imitation of Balayya’s dialogue modulation. Notably, Audience might enjoy these comedy tracks only if they don’t bother about story, screenplay and logic.

Why Jakkanna has been chosen as the Title? No one had any clue why Makers preferred it till the very end. In the Climax, Director tried to give justification to the title with a Dialogue ‘Raayi La Unna Villain Ni Shilpam La Marchina Ithanu Jakkanna’. The end result could have been different had if Director focused on narration rather than punchlines with rhyming words.

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