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Nagarjuna Soggade Chinni Nayana Movie Review

Movie Review Soggade Chinni NayanaAkkineni Nagarjuna is always keen to encourage young talent. This time, He introduces Young Filmmaker Kalyan Krishna with ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ which is the last among the four Sankranthi films to hit the screens during this season. Not just Nag’s Fans, Even Common Audience were curious about the new-age ‘Soggadu’. How good was the end product?

Bangaruraju (Sr Nagarjuna) dies in a freak accident and he goes to Narakam. Ram Mohan (Jr Nagarjuna) & his wife Seetha (Lavanya Tripathi) were on the verge of separation due to few marital issues. It was then Bangaruraju’s wife Satya (Ramyakrishna) locks herself in a room and pleads her husband to solve the problems she has been facing by standing before his large portrait. Then, Bangaru Raju will be sent back to earth by Yama Dharma Raja to accomplish the unfulfilled tasks on two conditions – i) Only his wife can see him & hear what he says; ii) He should return by the time of Shivarathri. What has Bangaruraju done to keep his family united & expose his death mystery?

After a very long time, Nagarjuna carried an entire movie on his shoulders. He showed good variations in the characters of Bangaruraju & Ramu. Especially, His performance as Bangaruraju will mesmerize everyone and the romantic angle will be a feast for viewers.

Ramyakrishna is an asset to the movie. The Senior Heroine’s chemistry with Nag is terrific and her performance in emotional scenes leaves the viewers teary-eyed.

Lavanya Tripathi scores with her glamour and she plays her part well. Brahmanandam entertains to some extent. Nasser and Sampath Raj were aptly cast. Anasuya & Hamsa Nandini leave a mark of their own. Anushka’s cameo wasn’t appreciated much.

The long wait of Fans to see a ‘Hello Brother’ kind entertainer from Nagarjuna finally ended with ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’. Living up to his reputation of Romantic King, Nag excelled as ‘Soggade’ in the movie. Even though there were no other comedians in the film except for Brahmanandam, He entertained the viewers thoroughly with his romance.

Undoubtedly, Nagarjuna’s role as Bangaruraju is the major attraction in ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’. Audience will connect with this character so well that they get the feeling it would be nice if such a person exists in real life. Such is the impact created by the dhoti-clad Akkineni!

Nag carried the whole movie on his shoulders with Romantic Body Language & Vaasivaadi Thassadiyya Mannerism. Even the Supernatural Elements used in the movie were good. Audience got entertained every time Bangaruraju appeared on the screen and his romance with lady characters is the USP of the film.

The first half is racy & its Bangaruraju’s show all the way. Whereas, The actual story begins in the Second Half and that’s when Bangaruraju decides to fulfill his second task. ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ looks like a routine fare in these portions and the lag is evident. Of course, The scenes where a bonding was created between Ram Mohan & Seetha were impressive. Whereas, The songs parody of Brahmanandam is a let down and Climax is decent enough. Long Run Time & Drop in Entertainment Quotient in the latter half were the major setbacks.

‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ is a perfect family entertainer for Sankranthi. It has got something for everyone & the role of Bangaruraju is worth every penny one spends…!

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