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Nani Gentleman Movie Review

Nani  Gentleman Movie ReviewCatherine (Niveda Thomas) & Aishwarya (Surabhi) meet during an air travel and share their love stories with each other to avoid boredom. While Catherine speaks about her boyfriend Gautham, Aishwarya informs that Jai is her Fiance. When Jai comes to the airport to receive Aishwarya, Catherine gets shocked as he looks similar to Gautam. Soon, Catherine reaches Gautam’s House and gets the shock of her life that her Boyfriend is no more alive. Few developments prompt Catherine to reach the conclusion that Jai has killed Gautham. Were Jai & Gautham two different people? Who killed Gautham? Why would Catherine suspect Jai? Watch this Thriller to know chase the mystery..!

Nani delivers yet another impactful performance. He is brilliant in the emotional sequence with Heroine in the pre-climax block. There were several scenes in the movie which shows how good actor he is. Kudos to the Natural Star for attempting such unique subjects!

Niveda Thomas has left a mark of her own in ‘Gentleman’. Especially, Her acting in the scene where she comes to know that her lover is no more is quite impressive.

Surabhi does a decent job. Srinivas Avasarala is superb. Vennela Kishore tickles the funny bone. Rest of the actors were adequate.

Mainstream Heroes/Directors of TFI usually don’t prefer Thriller genre much and even the success rate for them is poor. Fortunately, A sensible filmmaker & a talented hero joined hands for a thriller now. ‘Gentleman’ is certainly going to remain as one of the well written & best executed thriller films in Tollywood.

Makers begun the guessing game with the First Look Poster itself by captioning it ‘Hero or Villain?’. Even during the course of the movie, Audience remain in a state of confusion and continue to guess with the clues given at regular intervals. Though he made a Thriller for the first time, Indranganti incorporated the sensible humour for which he is known for perfectly.

‘Gentleman’ can’t be compared to anyone of Indraganti’s previous films. Even for Nani, Its a completely different attempt. Inspite of the fact that its a thriller flick, Screenplay is so pleasant yet retained the flavor of the genre. Love Stories of Two Heroines was shown in the First Half of the movie. An outstanding Interval Bang increases expectations on the Second Half. From here, Audience get into the Thriller mood and Indraganti maintained the suspense till the end.

On the flip side, Slow Paced Love Tracks and Deviation to Comedy in the Second Half could be a worry. Even though the final twist revealed by the Hero is thrilling, Including a special element here could have made it a perfect ending. Overall, The range of ‘Gentleman’ depends on how Masses embrace it.

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