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Patas – Movie Review

vKalyan Sinha(Kalyan Ram) is a corrupt police officer who gets himself transferred to Hyderabad. Once he lands there, he misuses his power and starts minting money. During this process, he also encourages a local politician(Ashutosh Rana) who has become a huge headache to the DGP(Sai Kumar) of Hyderabad.
Twist in the tale arises when the DGP comes to know that there is a shocking truth behind Kalyan Sinha’s arrival to Hyderabad. What is that truth ? Why did Kalyan Sinha become a corrupt officer ? To know answers to these questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen.
Plus Points:-
Major plus point of the film is the heavy dose of entertainment. Credit should completely go to director Anil Ravipudi for creating an energetic character for Kalyan Ram, and also adding decent amounts of comedy right throughout the film. Not once during the entire film tempo drops and excitement continues right till the end. Even though story of this film is routine, the way it has been narrated is amazing.
This is probably Kalyan Ram’s career best role and he excels in his character. As showcased in the trailers, he is quite energetic and showcases decent acting skills in all his powerful scenes. The hard work that he has put in, be it for his dances or his fights, everything shows on screen. Heroine Shruthi Sodhi is a decent find and looks good on screen. Balakrishna’s remix song has been shot exceptionally well, and is one of the highlights of the second half.
Comedian Srinivasa Reddy is the highlight in the comedy department. His role as Kalyan Ram’s sidekick is efficient as he provides decent comedy right throughout the first half. All his scenes with Kalyan have also come out well. Ashutosh Rana and Sai Kumar do their respective roles well. The late M S Narayana once again entertains us as Shining Star Subhash. While the first half has hilarious entertainment, second half has high voltage confrontation episodes.
On the whole, Patas will surely end up as Kalyan Ram’s biggest hit till date. Hero’s powerful characterization and huge doses of entertainment right throughout are major assets of the film. All those who do not mind the routine story line and are looking out for sheer fun, then this commercial potboiler should not be missed.

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