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Pawan Maintains Secrecy for his Role

First time Power Star Pawan Kalyan is playing the Character of Lord Krishna role in ‘Gopala Gopala Film in Dolly’s Direction.As per  Puranas, Hindu Gods bestow their Devotees with boons and they even come alive on to Earth for curing the sufferings of Real Devotees. Pawan Plays a Similar type of role of Hero Lord Krishna Coming on Earth to bail out an atheist Venkatesh from Financial Problems.For a star like Pawan Kalyan,Obviously styling plays key Role and when it is Lord Krishna, the costume designers will have a Hard job to design costumes.

As per the Latest Film Reports saying that, Pawan wanted to maintain the secrecy in his  get up. So,Pawan Requested the Director not to reveal any of his Photos to media till the entire shooting Part is completed and ‘Gopala Gopala’ is ready for release. Let us see, how Pawan looks in a  special Getup.

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