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Pellichoopulu Telugu Movie Review

pellichoopulu-telugu-movie-reviewPrasanth (Vijay Devarakonda) obtains a Degree writing Supplementaries two years after completion of Engineering. Chitra (Ritu Varma), an MBA Graduate, is someone who wishes to be independent. Parents of Pransanth & Chitra plan for their Marriage. While Prasanth wants to marry for Dowry, Chitra is in no mood for a relationship. What happens when they meet during ‘Pellichoopulu’ forms rest of the tale!

Vijay Devarakonda proved his mettle with his launch pad ‘Yevade Subrahmaniam’. With ‘Pellichoopulu’, He has gone to the next level and given an impression as if he is well experienced. Audience will see Prasanth not Vijay Devarakonda in the movie. Its something that happens very rarely and this Youngster managed to achieve this feat in his first two films itself.

Ritu Varma does a fine job. At times, Her role reminds us of Rupa played by Kamalini Mukherjee in ‘Anand’. Usually, Telugu Heroines don’t get to play such strong roles. Ritu is very lucky in that way. Lots of care has been taken on her looks & body language. She performed superbly to win the laurels.

Priyadarsi (Hero’s Friend) excelled is his role with Telangana dialect. The other guy who played the Friend role is fine. Nandu, Anish Kuruvilla, Gururaj Manepalli & The Actor who appeared as Hero’s Father were flawless.

Music and Background Score by Vivek Sagar stood as an asset. Hummings used in the BGM have elevated crucial scenes. Nagesh Banell’s Camera Work is splendid. He just brought a pleasant feel with his expertise. Editing is neat. Sound Designing is perfect. Dialogues were simple. Production Values are appreciable. There is good co-ordination among Technicians and Director obtained best output from each one of them.

Director Tarun Bhaskar choose a simple story and narrated it in a pleasant manner. One gets to see the kind of clarity he have on Film Making in ‘Pelluchoopulu’. All the scenes appear so natural and there is no scope for melodrama at all. Producers Raj Kandukuri & Yash Rangineni deserves a pat of their backs for believing in such a subject & the caliber of Tarun Bhaskar. Even D Suresh Babu should be lauded for coming on board.

To start with, ‘Pellichoopulu’ is a new age refreshing Rom-Com which redefines the rules of Telugu Films. Inspite of not having any Twists & Turns, A simple story has been narrated in a pleasant manner for two hours. Strong Characterizations, Good Performances, Soothing Music, Remarkable Camera Work and Flawless Direction are the strengths of this movie.

None of the Characters in the film look forced or unwanted. There is a specific characterization for each one of them. Viewers will connect with the Actors appearing on the screen instantly and travel with them as they behave naturally. The light-hearted comedy in ‘Pellichoopulu’ is a welcome change. Director has shown how rib-tickling comedy could be delivered without spoofs, parodies & vulgarity. Especially, Hero’s comedy track with his Friends is hilarious. Youtube Comedy has come out well. Priyadarsi steals the show in the comedy blocks.

Emotional Scenes where Parents of the Lead Pair face the reality have hit the right chord with the Audience. But, Climax could have been more effective if few Good Dialogues were included. Nothing much to complain in ‘Pellichoopulu’ except for Slow Narration in Second Half & Predictability.

‘Pellichoopulu’ is mainly aimed at Urban audience. Characterizations & Dialogues will connect with A Centres & Multiplexes Audiences big time. Don’t Miss It!

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