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Ragini MMS 2-Review

Sunny leone is the play girl of this hot prequel and she did her best to make this horror film spicier. Unlike Ragini MMS first series director took more time to portray Sunny leone in a spicy role and too much romance that makes Sunny to appear more on screen. Rather than hot expressions and sex scenes Sunny leone never did extraordinary roles but this can stand as one of best role for her career. Sahil , Pravin, Karan are good with their roles but they did not give their best which makes you feel that it’s not in a natural way it should be.
Ragini MMS 2 completely runs on technical department and they did their best to bring out the best. Visually everything looks fine and few door sounds and annoying screams are added that in fact make you laugh than bringing fear in you. Plot of the story is perfectly alright after story added horror to story line but story seems nothing when there are some romantic scenes running on screen, while everything is terrifying on screen there comes a rain song that shocks everyone. Director tried to being out best from Sunny leone and left away the storyline for her.
Music is good but not up to mark, BGM is okay but few annoying sounds and creepy noises are disturbing the whole plot and also they make no sense to story line. Special effects and few romantic scenes are shot well and the way they took story line is good but not much impressive.
Ragini MMS ( Horror + sex ) is not justified by its first part but managing that balance in second part director took special interest in showing spicy scenes on sunny leone, don’t expect the freshness in movie as it’s already a sequel of its first part but with little more spices added to it. You may be fan of Sunny leone or not you can give a try to Ragini MMS 2

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