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Rajinikanth Kabali Movie Review

rajinikanth-kabali-movie-reviewRarely does a Film Release is being celebrated like a Festival. In Rajinikanth’s case, It happens every time a new project of his hits the screens and ‘Kabali’ takes the centrestage now. From the Posters to Teaser & Making Video, The Expectations only kept growing multifold and everybody is expecting a special treat from Thalaivar this time. Has ‘Kabali’ reached the expectations?

Kabali (Rajinikanth) walks free from a Malaysian Jail after serving 25 Years of sentence. Followers and Thousands of People give a rousing reception to him, the moment he steps out of the prison. While the Underprivileged see a ray of hope after Kabali’s release, Opponents get terrified upon being informed about it. Why so many people treat Kabali on par with a god? What happened to his family after Kabali went to jail? Has he met his Family after serving jail term? Do watch ‘Kabali’ to find Answers!

As usual, Rajinikanth carried the whole film on his shoulders. Especially, He mesmerizes in the introduction sequence & climax. His screen presence is unbelievable. Rajini’s emotional scenes in the combination of Radhika Apte were just too good. People love watching Rajini in highly energetic roles. But, He appears dull in most of the scenes of ‘Kabali’ and that’s going to be a major drawback.

Radhika Apte in the role of Rajini’s Wife is aptly cast and she leaves a mark of her own. However, Director didn’t use her acting calibre to the fullest.

Dhansika as Rajini’s Daughter does a fine job. But, The kind of emotion one expects from her when she meets her Mother after several years goes missing.

Winston Chao as Antagonist is flawless but Director could have etched the character in a much better way. Rest of the actors have done justice to their roles.

Music composed by Santhosh Narayanan is a Major Asset for ‘Kabali’. Especially, The Background Score is top class and it actually elevated few normal scenes to the next level. ‘Neruppu Da’ Theme Song is just brilliant. Songs in ‘Kabali’ were mostly situational and the composer has done a good job. Cinematography by G Murali is topnotch. Production Values were grand. Director Pa.Ranjith failed to pen a story & screenplay that exploits the remarkable energy levels of Superstar. He might have planned a Classic but Slow Narration ruins the whole experience. Lack of entertainment quotient makes watching ‘Kabali’ tedious.

First things first, Don’t expect ‘Kabali’ to be as entertaining as its Teaser. After the first 15 Minutes, Audience will try their best to accept the reality and keep waiting for something to happen. The goose bump moments one expects from a Rajini-starrer were restricted to Introduction Sequence & Climax. Rest of the portions will give a feeling of going through an Autobiography of a Mafia Don.

In ‘Kabali’, Audience don’t get to see Rajini-mark punchlines, heroism and action blocks. Even the energy levels for which Superstar is known for were missing is majority of the scenes. There is no Comic Relief what-so-ever in the movie. All these factors make it unbearable for the fans of Thalaivar.

Had if Director Ranjith designed the characterization of Kabali well, the impact could have been beyond anyone’s expectations. He, however, failed to do so and didn’t even succeed in including interesting scenes. Narration of Flashback in bits & parts worked against the movie as required intensity is missing. Of course, Twist & Action Block before Interval were nicely executed.

The episode of Kabali going in search of his Wife lasted for 45 Minutes. Although Director wanted to present the whole sequence in a heart-touching manner, Dragging it to much tested the patience levels of the Movie Buffs. Momentum gains only in Pre-Climax & Climax. Rajini tries to be a saviour here but by then audience loose interest on the proceedings.


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