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Ram Charan Yevadu story as per sources

Here is the leaked story of this film, as per our sources. Allu Arjun is honest cop and Kajal is his girl friend. Villain group attempts to kill Allu Arjun but Kajal dies in that brawl and Allu Arjun gets admitted in hospital fighting for his life. Ram Charan gets admitted in same hospital after a big car accident, situation arises in such a way that an urgent brain transplant is needed to save his life. Doctors decide to replace Alllu Arjun’s brain to Ram Charan because his neural system was still active then. After successful operation Ram Charan begins to act like Allu Arjun and takes revenges on the villain group who are responsible for his & Kajal death. Let us wait and see if this is the original story of Yevadu

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