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Rashmi Antham Movie Review


Kalyan Krishna (Charandeep) is a software professional based in Hyderabad. He leads life happily with his Wife Vanitha (Rashmi Gautam) who is a working woman. The married couple have nothing to worry about until they get the shock of their life one day. Vanitha gets kidnapped from the flat when Kalyan Krishna was on his way to Hyderabad from Vijayawada. Kidnapper threatens to kill Vanitha if Kalyan Krishna don’t implement his orders. What was the task given to Kalyan Krishna? Has the protagonist completed it successfully? Was he able to free his wife from the kidnappers?

Rashmi Gautam offered what a section of audience would expect from her in a romantic song. There is nothing much to talk about her acting prowess. The point to be noted is that she would appear on screen for not more than 20 minutes.

Charandeep failed to give a settled performance. He either overreacts or underplays in most of the scenes. Even the dubbing given to his role lacks sink with the proceedings in few parts. The Actor who played antagonist goes overboard. Out of all, Sudarshan has given a decent performance.

Karthik Rodrigz remixed ‘Ee Velalo…’ song from ‘Gulabi’. He relied on RGV-mark tunes for other numbers. None of the compositions were satisfactory. Even the Background Score is forgettable. Cinematography reminds us of Varma’s films. Dialogues were poorly written. Production Values were okay. One gets the feeling that Director GSSP Kalyan took inspiration from RGV’s ‘Ice Cream’ to make ‘Antham’. He dragged the movie for two hours with a story and screenplay that hardly excites the movie goers.

The decent buzz generated by ‘Antham’ is solely due to the glamorous stills and erotic clips in the theatrical trailer. If movie lovers think Rashmi continues to entertain throughout the movie in the similar fashion, then they will be disappointed after thronging theaters. The glam show ends within the first 15 minutes and audience won’t get to see her much often after this part. The only saving grace would be…Rashmi offering what was expected from her in the song, ‘Ee Velelo…’.

A Twist should be either convincing or doesn’t make viewer think much about it. Sadly, The major Twist in ‘Antham’ doesn’t fall in any of these categories and hence audience find it silly. It actually makes a Thriller flick look like a Comedy.

From start to finish, ‘Antham’ tests the patience of audience with snail-paced narration. Loud Background Score and Unnecessary Camera Angles were irritating to say the least. Usually, Thrillers work when they are narrated at a break-neck pace. In this case, Director didn’t bother to care about the pace at any point. ‘Antham’ which lasts for two hours gives a feeling as if we are watching 2-3 films repeatedly. Overall, ‘Antham’ is forgettable film for everyone associated with it and the movie buffs.

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