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Sai Dharam Tej Supreme Movie Review

Sai Dharam Tej Supreme Movie ReviewVikram Sarkar (Kabir Khan), a highly influential person, tries to grab the thousands of acres belonging to Jagruti Trust using fake documents. Trustee (Sai Kumar) obtaines 1 Month time period from Court to prove the vast portion of fertile land belongs to the Trust. At this juncture, A cab driver named Balu (Sai Dharam Tej) meets Rajan (Master Gandhi), who is the successor of Jamindhar Family which donated the land to farmers, accidentally and they develop a special bond. Only after Rajan was kidnapped, Balu comes to know about the whole issue. How this Cab Driver saved Rajan & Land from the clutches of Vikram Sarkar forms the rest of the tale…!

Sai Dharam Tej is in superb form, especially the ease and energy levels. He is impressive when it comes to Dances & Action Sequences. Particularly, He reminds Megastar in the remix number.

One must say ‘Supreme’ lacked scenes which challenge Sai Dharam Tej as a performer. While Raashi Khanna takes centrestage in First Half, Second Half will be dominated by the Child Artiste. Raashi is hilarious as the funny cop ‘Bellam Sridevi’. Her Combination Scenes with Vennela Kishore were too good. Mikhail Gandhi, the child artiste, who played pivotal role steals the show with his cuteness & acting prowess.

Kabir Khan as antagonist is alright. Ravi Kishan entertains as Comedy Villain. Pruthvi & Prabhas Seenu tickles the funny bone as car thieves. Posani & Srinivas Reddy were okay. Ravi Babu is fine. Rajendra Prasad, Sai Kumar and Others have done their job.

There is nothing much to boast about ‘Supreme’ Story as audience would be aware of what they gonna expect from it just 15 minutes after the start. After the twist was revealed in the Interval Block, The film gets predictable and runs on a flat note. First Half is a major asset to ‘Supreme’. The humor generated using Heroine’s role keeps the viewers engaged and combo scenes of lead pair came out well. Comedy Tracks of Pruthvi-Prabhas Seenu & Ravi Kishan’s Gang were very entertaining.

The actual story begins from the pre-Interval sequence. Second Half is dragged a bit, but somehow the Director managed to save the film with good action and decent comedy scenes at regular intervals. Especially, More prominence was given to the child artiste than the hero and this move actually worked in favor of the movie. Family Audience might thoroughly enjoy the scenes of Master Gandhi.

Few scenes in ‘Supreme’ appear illogical & silly, even the fight involving physically challenged in the pre-Climax. The manner in which Climax was picturized should be appreciated. Had if the comedy in Latter Half was on par with the First Half, The range of ‘Supreme’ could have been huge.

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