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Samantha Missed Siddarth at Film Fare

Samantha missed not having Siddharth, her alleged boyfriend, by her side when she achieved a rare feat on Saturday. The actress was declared as the winner of Best Actress Award in two languages for the same year at the Filmfare Awards 2013 held at HICC, Hyderabad. She received this honour for her mind-blowing performances in films Eega (Telugu) and Neethane En Ponvasanthan (Tamil)Immediately after the announcement of Filmfare awards, Siddharth commented,”Best actress in Tamil and Best Actress in Telugu at Filmfare 2013 goes to Samantha. First time in 21 years! Amazing stuff”. To this Samantha reacted,”Thank you… Missed you… Wish you were here…”.. No doubt, the lovebirds missed to share a once in a lifetime moment.

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