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Shocking Statement-Heroines are paid Crores of Remuneration for only Skin show

South Indian Film Director Suraj lands in trouble for making indecent comments on south Indian Heroines. Suraj who recently directed  Tamil flick with hero Vishals “Kaththi Sandai” .On Location of shooting spot he said that heroines are now a days paid crores of rupees to show their skin show. Suraj reportedly says to have made this indicent comments referring  Tamannah who she playing a female heroine role in the kaththi sandai movie
The director also feels that the low class Audience come to movie theatres to enjoy the skin show of the Actresses and not for the movie story line and therefore he would insist his Actresses to wear Glamourous Dresses  “If the heroines costume designer comes to me with the heroine’s dresses covering up to the ankle knee, he would strictly order them to shorten the costumes length. He don’t mind even if heroine is not happy or comfortable with dresses, but Suraj insist and get it done. This is because cinema audiences pay money to see the heroines in such dresses” said the director

Director Suraj also stated that “Let heroines and actresses show their acting skills in television serials. When it comes to commercial movie, they are paid only to provide the required sizzle to the money-paying audiences”.
Tamannah Reacted strongly to Director`s Suraj’s comments and She released a press statement. In that statement she says that she was hurted so much and angered by the comments made by Suraj and I would definitely want directo to apologize, not only to me, but to all women heroines in the film industry. She says We are heroines, we are here to Act and Entertain the movie audience.I have been working in the South film industry for past 11 years and have worn dresses which I have been more comfortable with.

Another Top Heroine Nayanthara came in support of Tamannah `s statement and blasted Suraj indicent comments. Nayan says that “How can a responsible person in the film industry make such cheap and indicent comments on heroines.Who is Suraj to say such derogative comments on Actresses ?

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