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Speedunnodu Movie Review

Speedunnodu Movie ReviewSobhan (Bellamkonda Sreenivas), an aimless youth who doesn’t hesitate to go to any extent for friendship, takes up the mission of uniting his Friend & Vaasanthi (Sonarika). In the process, Vaasanthi falls for Sobhan but she gets engaged to her Brother-in-Law (Kabir Singh) by that time. What challenges does Sobhan face from thereafter & how a happy ending was reached forms the rest of the tale.

Bellamkonda Srinivas showed good ease while performing Dances & Fights in ‘Alludu Seenu’. Even ‘Speedunnodu’ is no different. He, however, fails to excel in a role which gives scope for performance. Dialogue Delivery & Histrionics in emotional scenes weren’t satisfactory. Even in Climax block, His Performance is below par.

Sonarika is a misfit to play female lead in ‘Speedunnodu’ and even her acting is ordinary. Srinivas Reddy tickles the funny bone. Posani & Pruthvi generate few laughs. Rao Ramesh & Prakash Raj are alright. Jhansi does a good job. Kabir Singh as Antoganist fails to impress. Tamanna’s ravishing avatar & hot moves hit the right chord.

Even though Songs composed by Vasanth appear misfit for a serious subject like ‘Speedunnodu’, Mass Audience will connect with them big time. Background Score is decent. Camera Work by Vijay Ulaganathan is good. Picturization of all the songs were good. Dialogues penned by Bheemaneni & Praveen are entertaining. A lot of mistakes have been made by Bheemaneni here – Picking Up a serious subject inspite of knowing he is good at entertainment, Casting Bellamkonda as lead and Ruining the soul of Original with too many unnecessary changes. Rich Production Values were an asset for ‘Speedunnodu’. Bheemaneni deserves all the praise!

No one could match up with Bheemaneni Srinivas Rao when it comes to scoring hits by making appropriate changes for remake subjects to suit Telugu nativity. He is known for packaging films with all the commercial ingredients for reaching out to a larger section of audience. From Suswagatham to Sudigaadu, All of his Remakes (except for ‘Annavaram’) were highly successful. This gave a feeling Bheemaneni is good at entertainers but not emotional subjects. ‘Speedunnodu’ falls in the same slot.

Retaining the soul of the original is crucial for the success of any Remake. Unfortunately, Bheemaneni failed to get everything right for Speedunnodu. In the name of Telugu nativity, He included all the commercial ingredients and in the process paid the price with change in the tone of ‘Speedunnodu’. Instead of focusing on the core story, Director highlighted the comedy generated through punchlines & mass songs. As a result, The feel-good-factor has gone missing and emotions in Original wasn’t carried in a touching manner.

‘Speedunnodu’ have elements which satisfy masses to some extent. Bellamkonda’s Dances/Fights, Few Comedy Scenes & Tamanna’s Item Number will be applauded. Screenplay is racy in First Half as the focus is mostly on comedy episodes. Though the love track with Sonarika wasn’t appealing, Comedy involving Hero’s Friends worked out well. However, The emotional scenes in the Second Half weren’t handled properly and cliched/predictable screenplay plays spoilsport.

Climax block saves ‘Speedunnodu’ from ending up as a disaster. The final twist and its treatment is worth a mention. Overall, This Remake settles anywhere between Below Average & Average.

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