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Suriya Memu Review

suriya-memu-reviewNaina (Baby Vaishnavi) and Naveen (Master Niseesh) are mischievous kids. They loves playing games all the time but hardly focus on studies. These hyper-active kids becomes a headache for their Parents. Even Teachers weren’t able to handle them and hence they were issued TCs by few schools already. Finally, Parents join the two kids in hostel against their wish. That’s when Child Psychiatrist (Suriya) tries to understand the state of mind of these kids and even brings a change in the mindset of Parents. What kind of results have been produced after the Psychiatrist took control of the situation forms rest of the tale!

Although his role have less screen time, Suriya leaves a very good impact with his fabulous performance. Even Amala Paul does a fine job. The major attraction in the movie are the two kids, Vaishnavi & Niseesh. As Parents, Kartheek and Bindu Madhavi have done justice to their roles. Even Raam Das & Vidya were flawless. Especially, Raam Das tickles the funny bone with his antics.

Telugu Audience mayn’t find the songs too pleasing to their ears as its a dubbed version. But, The Background Score is perfect. Even Cinematography is laudable. To find a Producer for a kids-based flick isn’t an easy task. Pandiraj is lucky to find a Producer like Suriya who believes in good content and doesn’t worry about returns. Production Values are rich & Suriya didn’t comprise at all although its highly risky. Subject penned by Pandiraj is one of the best, but presenting such sensible themes in a cinematic manner is a herculean task. Mostly, Pandiraj succeeds in his attempt. The film could have been much bigger success if the Screenplay is racy.

Promos of ‘Memu’ remind us of Bollywood flick ‘Taare Zameen Par’ which marked Aamir Khan’s debut as Director. Audience get the same feeling even while watching this flick in the theatres and comparisons will be drawn with the B-Town Blockbuster. The only difference would be count of kids – While ‘Taare Zameen Par’ focusses on a single kid, ‘Memu’ is about two kids.

Although there are similarities between the Story & Screenplay of both these films, ‘Memu’ is still a very good attempt. Especially, Parents and Couples who were planning for children should definitely give it a try. Viewers will instantly connect with the proceedings inspite of the Tamil flavor…It makes them laugh and get very emotional.

‘Memu’ throws a light on the dire state of present Educational System. Most importantly, Its not a Documentary but Makers tried to keep the proceedings as entertaining as possible. The Two Kids who played the lead roles carry the movie on their shoulders. This film educates Grown-Up People about Child Mentality and how they should be groomed.

Major flaw in ‘Memu’ is the slow-paced narration. Even the Entertainment Quotient can’t be compared to that of Regular Commercial Films. There won’t be any twists and turns, hence it runs on a predictable note. The emotional quotient in Climax is good but could have been much better. On a whole, ‘Memu’ isn’t for those who have already seen ‘Taare Zameen Par’ & Others could surely give it a try.

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