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Surya 24 Movie Review

Surya 24 Movie ReviewDr.Siva Kumar (Suriya), a scientist who converts his home into a laboratory, invents a time machine. His evil-minded Twin Brother Athreya (Suriya) comes to know about the invention. To get hold of the Watch, Athreya kills Siva Kumar & his Wife Priya (Nithya Menon). Siva Kumar offers his Son Mani (Suriya) & Watch to a woman (Saranya) before his death. One fine day, Mani comes to know that the watch he have isn’t ordinary but could be used for time travel. On the other hand, Athreya who slips into coma in an accident soon after Dr.Siva Kumar’s death gains conscience after 26 years and gets to know about the watch with Mani. Whom among Athreya & Mani wins the fight for watch forms rest of the tale..!

Suriya is terrific in the triple role and audience get to see the finest actor in him on many occasions. While he looks menacing in the role of Athreya, He showed good variations in the characters of Dr.Siva Kumar and Mani. Out of the three roles, Athreya steals the show and the unique voice deserves a special mention.

Samantha looks pretty and delivers cute performance. Nithya Menon leaves her mark inspite of short screen time. Ajay excels in a crucial role. Saranya does a good job as Hero’s Mom. Rest of the actors played their part to perfection.

Technical finesse of ’24’ need to applauded as the kind of effort put in by the Crew could be seen in every frame. AR Rahman’s Compositions were marvelous. All the Songs are situational and picturization of ‘Prema Parichayame’ will haunt you. Background Score composed by Rahman & Kutubh is another highlight. The theme music & composition during the pre-Climax block is mind blowing. Camera Work by Thiru is brilliant. Vibrant Theme makes the film a delight to watch. Visual Effects were stunning. Art Work is of a whole different level. Editing could have been better in the First Half. Production Values are the biggest strength of the movie and matches-up to the Hollywood standards. Vikram Kumar’s Concept, Screenplay & Direction made a film like ’24’ come true. Hats off to him for choosing the unconventional route and yet being able to succeed!

You can’t change nothing about the past & foresee the future..! How wonderful it would be if they someone could make these two things happen? The same idea resulted in a classic film like ‘Aditya 369′ directed by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao. After 15 Years, Vikram Kumar choose the time travel idea to take audience to the new World.

Vikram Kumar succeeded making viewers connect with the time travel concept. Suriya’s Performance, Fantasy Element & High Technical Values makes ’24’ a thoroughly enjoyable ride. The time-freeze technique used in the movie gives a whole different experience to the audience.

First 20 Minutes of ’24’ gives an impression as if we are watching a Hollywood flick. After a fabulous Interval Bang, The film takes a serious turn, Twists n Turns in the Second Half keeps the viewer engaged. At times, These suspense elements confuse/annoy the viewer a bit but curiosity remains intact.

The romantic track of Suriya-Samantha is a bit boring. Emotional scenes of Hero & his Mother tests the patience of audience. Few scenes in the movie appear silly, for example ‘How can a normal Watch Mechanic convert the Time Travel Watch as per the requirements of Athreya?’. Climax is simply top-class & the brilliance of Vikram Kumar could be witnessed here. A film like ’24’ will be loved by audience who crave for good cinema.

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