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Technology Gaint to Help A.P for Low Cost Internet

Microsoft to help A.P. get low-cost net Microsoft Started working with A.P State Government to Deliver Low Cost Internet Connectivity by Using Unused Television Frequency.Microsoft already tested and worked this Technology  Successfully at, Botswana, Ghana,Tanzania, Namibia,South Africa and Singapore Countries

This Pilot Project is being implemented for the first time in India, would be Started in AP at Srikakulam District .At First In Srikakulam District Four Educational institutions Selected on Pilot Project BasiS.First is  ZP high school at Voppangi Village as treated as  main service base station, The other three Schools are signal  receivers were located in distances of 10 km from the base station.

This Technology would utilize unused TV Spectrum to provide Low Cost Internet connectivity to Remote Areas.This New Technology wont disturb TV Signals.In this Technology Signals (Tv Spectrum- Frequency) Reach upto 10 Kilometers , where as Wi-Fi signals  work only  upto 100 Mts, This Technology was being implemented next in Chittoor District under Andhra Pradesh Primary Education scheme Badi Pilustondi,

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