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Trisha Nayaki Movie Review

trisha-nayaki-movie-reviewFirst Look Posters of ‘Nayaki’ created a good positive buzz. The fact that its Trisha’s first Horror-Comedy flick also generated curiosity among movie buffs. After a long delay, It finally hits the screens Today. Let’s see how well its been presented…

People go missing under mysterious circumstances in Dundigal where a Ghost (Trisha) lures Men and gets rid of them. As a result, Government announce it as a restricted area. Sanjay (Satyam Rajesh) decides to spend quality time with his girlfriend Sandhya (Sushma Raj) during the weekend at a place far away from the city. The Love Birds, however, end up reaching the haunted bungalow in Dundigal for shelter after few unexpected incidents. Just when Sanjay is trying to make love with Sandhya, The Ghost attacks him and the Love Birds get struck in the bungalow. What’s the intention of Ghost? Why is it targeting only men? Did Sanjay and Sandhya escape from the bungalow? Do watch ‘Nayaki’ to find answers..!

Trisha is flawless as the Ghost. Especially, She excelled in the introduction sequence. Overall, She has done justice to her role using her vast experience.

Satyam Rajesh tickles the funny bone with his trademark comic timing. Sushma Raj does well as an innocent Girl. Jayaprakash is fine. Poonam Kaur is wasted. Ganesh Venkatraman hardly makes an impression in the negative role.

Films in Horror-Comedy genre usually have the same format – Haunted Bungalow – Mysterious Deaths – Hero’s Entry to chase the Mystery – Flashback of Ghost – Villains death in Climax. Even ‘Nayaki’ is more or less similar except for the fact that the Ghost is passionate about films and it could be spotted only when someone uses the mobile camera. These scenes have been conceived and executed well. The combination scenes of Trisha and Satyam Rajesh were an asset to the movie.

Trisha’s Introduction and the Scenes how the Love Birds end up reaching the haunted house stand out as highlights. Thereafter, Routine screenplay plays the spoilsport. Lack of any other Comedians has put additional burden on Satyam Rajesh’s shoulders. But, how long could he make the audience laugh? At one point, The scenes get repetitive and audience only wait for Flashback episode to arrive. A Tamil Actor was roped to improve the comedy dose in Second Half. The impact could have been good had if someone like Saptagiri has done this role. Even Flashback is routine from start to finish and it was dragged as well. The ‘Bhadrakali’ song in the Climax and Trisha’s dance were irritating to say the least.

Audience don’t understand why Nara Rohit agreed to play a cameo in ‘Nayaki’. Even Brahmanandam’s role is ineffective. Trisha’s ghost act and her transformation into a film star, Satyam Rajesh’s comedy and the justification given to the Title are the positives. Routine Template, Poor Flashback and Lacks of elements that really scare the Audience work against the movie.

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