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Vikram I Movie-Review

II Movie ReviewVikram is stunning in different looks as usual. His acting makes us speechless. With flawless performance in every scene, he has given goosebumps to audiences. Vikram’s striking handsomeness as a model, chiselled six packs for a body builder role, the animal instincts with beastly looks and that hunchback character are awesome. There is no way we could point any finger at him.

Amy Jackson’s glamour is an asset for the film as every frame looks more colourful due to her sparkling presence. Also she improvised a lot in her acting and showed tremendous involvement into the character despite her parts shot in bits and pieces over two years of time.

Model Upen Patel too showed his mettle as a villain. His timed expressions are a treat to watch but he failed at times to carry the greasy sadism he is supposed to. Santhanam provided the much needed comic relief for the movie, but got very less screen time. Malayalam hero Suresh Gopi’s cameo is fine. Rest of the cast did their part well.

Shankar, thy genius. There is no need to mention about any of his talents. Stunning screenplay and tongue wagging grandeur are his key weapons. This time again for “I”, he unleashed them with  striking potential as viewers get a hair rising experience. On a whole the story might look simple and known, but every frame is rich and innovative. Predictability is there, but creation beats us. That makes I and Shankar special. Extracting best performances from all of his actors, he delivered a stunner. All the graphics are international standard and never they look weird. Shankar deserves a pat.

PC Sreeram’s vibrant cinematography is another asset for “I”. As Shankar takes on audiences with his brilliant screenplay, PC digs deep into our hearts with seamless shots and mind blowing visuals. Every song is a wonder for itself. Adding to Shankar and PC, composer AR Rahman’s fantastic background score sets the magic wand in favour of producers. Rahman scored terrific music for action scenes, while songs are little regular and average. Art direction is mind blowing for this fantasy science fiction drama.

Movie starts on interesting note with a hunchback Vikram leading a solid ground as he kidnaps heroine Amy Jackson. Once he starts revealing his story, audiences get emotional and get attached to him. However, when the movie turns little slow, actions sequences come to the rescue and put the film’s pace back at top speed. Shankar’s trademark creativity and newness radiates that thrill on our mind though story turns little predictable. As Vikram finds out the reason for his disfigurement, the stunning interval really stuns us. When we get to second hour, story gets more predictable and villains look weaker. Someone other than Upen Patel would have brought more negativity to the role. Though songs stand tall and never hinder the flow, Rahman’s magic is not felt but only Shankar’s ideas and PC’s visuals make a mark. While we could easily predict the climax, action scenes once again put us on toes. On a whole the treat is full though it has some ups and downs.

Box office will render huge support in the holiday season, but later the collections depend on how family audiences especially how children reacts to this fantasy, science fiction and action entertainer. Probably like Shankar’s past outing ‘Robo’, even “I” may do well beating the odd criticism that is likely to mushroom from certain circles.

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