Movie starts at Chicago Great Indian Circus owned by Iqbal (Jackie Shroff) and Sahir (Aamir Khan) owed at Chicago Bank failed to woo the financiers with their magic tricks. Seeing the money issues Iqbal suicides infront of Sahir. Sahir plans to take a revenge on the bank and starts robbing the bank. Whenever he robs a bank he leaves a mark on the crime scene.

To slove this case Chicago police asks Indian department officers Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday Chopra).Will Jai and Ali solve the Sahir’s case who is very fond of taking revenge and destroying the bank forms the rest of the storyline.

Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan is the only saving grace when movie running at a snail pace. Aamir carries the whole second half on his shoulders. His histrionics are perfect to his characterization. Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra continued their repute characters forward.

Their characterization lack the depth that used to be there in the other two parts. Uday Chopra is funny in few episodes. Katrina Kaif adds glamour to every frame. She is sizzled with her curves in the songs. Even Katrina’s character lacks heart.Jackie Shroff’s extended cameo is fine. Rest of the characters supports the leads very well.

Too bad that the director spent so much time on the movie's looks and the stars' looks that he did not find time to actually write a story. Director Vijay Krishna could have taken some care on the story of the film, which is a sort of inspires from The Prestige. Narration of the film is dragged and runs at snail pace in the first half, but things looks promising in the second due to Aamir Khan. The supposed twists are ultra meh and can be guessed quite before the scene. Logic is something which is totally left behind.

One thing I have to say forthe movie the cinematography is excellent. The places are shot beautifully. The way they shot Malang song is fabulous. The stunt sequences are very casual. Director failed to capture stunts sequences in a chilling manner. The background music is ceaseless and it’s not very good either. Every two minutes after a dialogue is followed by graveling background music. The Editor could have easily cut short the film by twenty odd minutes. 172 minutes movie look very long and hauled. Visual effects in the film are very good. Production values of YRF are grand.

Dhoom was expected to deliver something fresh with this new film, if not something out of the world. The film is nothing but an inspired sequences, loaded with forced action and not to forget the ho-hum pace of narration in the first half. Aamir totally makes every minus forgettable with his performance. Watch Dhoom 3 leaving your brains at home for Aamir Khan.