1 Nenokkadine Movie Review


 Mahesh 1 Nenokkadine Movie Review

Rating: 2.25/5

Cast: Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sanon, Posani, Kelly Dorjee, Nazar, Pradeep Ravat and others

Cinematogrpaher: Ratnavelu

Action: Peter Hains

Art director: Rajeevan

Devi Sri Prasad

Screenplay: Sunil Madhav

: Sukumar

Producer: EROS Entertainment & 14 Reels
Director Sukumar is popular for his intelligent screenplay woven with a simple story. Though he hasn’t seen big blockbusters in career, his films are always interesting. For the first time, he joined hands with Mahesh Babu to make ‘1 Nenokkadine’ with a whopping budget of 65+ crores.
Gowtham (Mahesh) is rock star who gets haunted by the thoughts of killers of his parents. Though he feels that he has already killed them, truth is that he hasn’t. At the same time Sameera (Kriti Sanon) is a news reporter working in a TV channel who wants to explore and publish Gowtham’s story. And everyone thinks that Gowtham is just hallucinating as if he got a dark past that his parents are murdered and he killed a couple of the killers already. In the process of discovering his past, he falls for Sameera. She too accepts him with a condition that he should forget that past and then they are attacked by a dangerous truth. So, what is that truth Gowtham is seeking? Did he have his revenge? What secrets his unknown past will reveal to him? All these things forms rest of story. 

  Mahesh Babu is at his best again in a Rockstar, truth-seeker, revenge-seeker role. His chiselled body added a new dimension to his performance. This time he is a show stealer with his dances too, and stunning action moves added to it. As his role demands quite serious and depressed look, he has maintained that sharp looks and disappointed expressions perfectly. Still, some magic is missing for sure.

Newbie Kriti Sanon is a worthy find by the director as she takes you by a surprise in her media-girl role. No where she looks like a debutant as she carries everything comfortably. She is glamorous and a good dancer too, but her natural sex appeal fails to appeal all sections of audience.

With 1 being his debut to silver screen, Gowtham (Mahesh’s son) simply looked cute and attractive as younger version of Mahesh. Though his expressions are little weak, his dubbing (voice) is really awesome.

Nazar is just okay, as this is not his best. His role is not having much substance that he can put up his strength to peaks. Posani is not at all utilized properly, as he failed to bring proper laughs to the audience in cab driver role. Kelly Dorjee is common in that villain role. Pradeep Rawat, Sayaji Shinde, Srinivas Reddy and other did nothing to boast about.

Most talked item girl, Sophie Choudary, has failed to catch up with the rhythm in ‘London Babu’ song, though her naughty steps even with that bulky physique are interesting.

Sukumar got an amazing idea and he established that in the first minute of the flick itself. He is a master in extracting sensible performances, and this time too he succeeded. But a meal tastes spicy only when all other ingredients are properly stuffed. Director’s sudden confusion in handling certain stuff, and losing grip are clearly visible this time.

Cinematographer Ratnavelu and action director Peter Hains have done amazing job for ‘1’. Ratnavelu’s careful choosing of color palettes for each episode, his lighting schemes and camera angles breeze fresh air into the movie. Peter Hains composed interesting stunts for Mahesh, like in one scene our hero turns a boat upside down and turns up again in ocean waters. This is something new to Telugu cinema.

Devi Sri Prasad disappointed completely this time, as his songs already turned average and his background score too lacked kick. For action-sequences, the feel and chill is always brought in by music, but DSP failed to make brilliantly conceived sequences riveting.

Art director Rajeevan is good as he matched director’s expectations of delivering a dark look and feel for the whole flick.


·               Mahesh’s looks, dances, stunts

·               Parts of First Half

·               Interval Block


·         Poor second half

·         Simple climax

·         Weak comedy

·         Background score


Rather picking up conventional masala stories laced with intelligence, this time Sukumar picked story of a hero who suffers with ‘hallucination’. He tried nothing on commercial front literally, though there is some slapstick comedy and sparkling glamour. But, it takes real intelligence to understand ‘1’ in the first hour, and by the time you start enjoying, Sukumar forgets pace and falls in routine plot.

Film starts on a promising note with Mahesh introduced as a Rock Star, and then grips intensity as he searches for a ‘truth’ regarding his childhood. But when scene shifts to Goa, things get boring as the romance episodes between Mahesh and Kriti lack that depth. However it is the interval block that holds your breath, as Mahesh’s varied performance in a confused role makes hair rising. Later in the second half, story turns predictable at times, but still some twists mark ‘intelligent’ brand of director again. All the twists lead to a simple climax, though we expect something huge, ending it in a typical Telugu style. Songs are little saviours, as Mahesh’s dance steps are interesting though their filming in tight locations is not appealing.

Mahesh has put 100% effort again and tried maximum to entertain with serious look and chiselled body. But what is surprising is that why a rock-star background is setup for the hero when it is not used to support the story quite well.  Couple of new dance steps and hero’s shirtless scene will bring goose bumps. Had Sukumar maintained the same wow factor throughout the flick, then the result would have become an industry record.

Too much of technical brilliance doesn’t add much to success if it is not supported by stunning story. Though the thought behind making ‘1’ is interesting, Sukumar’s dull finish in the second hour and with climax is a letdown. No doubt, ‘1’ failed to pass many subjects, though he is a brilliant student. B & Centres find it tough to understand this ‘intelligent’ guy. We have to see how this impacts trade.

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