Ram Charan Chit Chat With his FB Fans

For the first time Ram Charan interacted with his Facebook Fans and patiently answered all of their questions. Have a look at some of the interesting ones...

Q) Why You entered into Cinema?
Cherry) I grew up loving cinema... And what could be a stronger reason than that for working with the industry you love.

Q) What is your Fitness Secret?
Cherry) Eat what your mom makes at home and work hard in the gym.

Q) How was your childhood with Pawan Kalyan?
Cherry) Kalyan babai used to live with us since he was 16 and till after his second movie. He used to be in-charge of me and used to take me horse-riding and other places I wanted to go. We've had some really great times together. He was a very naughty uncle .

Q) Favourite Co-stars and Favourite Songs?
Cherry) I've had great experiences with all my costars. Kajal and Tamannah mainly. I was really satisfied with the way Orange turned out and my role in the movie. I also like all the songs from Orange.

Q) As your fans what do you expect from us?
Cherry)  I really don't expect much from my fans. As long as they are having fun in the theaters and having a great life, I am more than happy.

Q) Could you please tell something unique about you that the fans still don't know of?
Cherry) I don't think I have a unique feature that I know of yet.. There is so much more to explore in the coming years and then maybe I will really understand what unique quality I have.

Q) If you are interested to do more Multi-starrers, whom do you prefer to do first?
Cherry) Pawan Kalyan.

Q) What role would you love to play that you haven't yet?
Cherry) Although i've already done it. I would love to do another period film.

Q) If you can act in another Periodic role (like Akbar, Chatrapati Shivaji), which historic character will you choose?
Cherry) None of them. I am really interested to play Krishnadevaraya!

Q) True inspiration to turn Actor?
Cherry) Firstly, thanks for understanding that it's a difficult job!
I really get inspired from every actor; someone who is not on the top, who is not working, who has stopped working.. Everyone.. I think in a way, every actor in the Indian film industry has inspired me in different ways.

Q) Why don't you release your films simultaneously in Tamil?
Cherry) Which hero doesn't want to expand to another language. I never force my producers to expand my market. It's always the producer's choice if they want to invest.

Q) Chiru's  150th film?
Cherry) Movie with Dad will start the day he gives us a green signal. We're all set with a good script. Just waiting for a good day for him to say, "Go ahead".

Q) Who was your First Love?
Cherry) I'd like to keep it a secret.

Q) Working experience with Kajal?
Cherry) I know Kajal very well and also share an amazing working relationship with her. She is one of my best costars on screen as well.

Q) Favourite Heroine?
Cherry) I have many but I think Sridevi would be my all-time favorite!

Q) Multistarrer with Pawan Kalyan?
Cherry) There's no two ways about it. Will definitely do a film with Kalyan babai if something interesting comes up... Just waiting for the offer!

Q) Is it true you will work with Salman Khan?
Cherry) Nope... Not working with Salman as of now, although he is a good friend. My plan after Yevadu will be to start Krishna Vamshi's next film on the 6th of Feb.

Q) Plans of remaking Orange in Bollywood?
Cherry) No plans for a Bollywood remake.. But i'll come back with a better film on the same genre.
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