Ranbir and Katrina wants Breakup their Relationship

Ranbir and Katrina are hot pair on screen and they are also maintaining a hot track off screen too, This pair is always spotted in many functions and parties from a long time and they gave an open statement about their relationship previously in many of their interviews.  Their beach photos are a phenomenon in web media which showed how close they are, But things are not that easy for this pair too as they are turning bad these days. Bollywood media explains that they are trying to be apart each other recently and maintaining too much gap from many days says a popular Bollywood media. They are arriving separately to recent functions and parties which proves that rumor on them is no longer a rumor. Well what happened between this hot pair is not yet known but few say that they are covering the damage happened to their after their Beach pics and trying to prove that their relationship is not just a romantic one but also a pure one. 
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