Some Interesting Film News about A N R In Whole Life

A N R Played Dual Role-First Hero

A N R was the first hero of Tollywood to have played dual roles in a movie. 'Iddaru Mitrulu' Which it was released in the year,1961 and proved to be the blockbuster at the box office. In this Movie ANR played the roles Ajay Babu and Vijay in the movie. Rajasulochana and EV Saroja played the Heroine  Lead Roles in the family entertainer.
List of A N R & N T R  worked together Films

 NTR and  A N R worked together for 14 films in their career. Both of them were good friends as well. Following is the list of multi-starrer films Of  NTR and A N R.


Palletoori Pilla                       1950
Samsaaram                          1950
Rechukka                             1954
Parivarthana                         1954
Missamma                           1955
Tenali Rama Krishna             1956
Charana Dasi                       1956
Maya Bazaar                        1957
BhooKailas                          1958
Gundamma Katha                1962
Sri Krishnaarjuna Yuddham   1963
Chanakya Chandragupta      1977
Rama Krishnulu                   1978
Satyam Shivam                   1981


During his initial days in the Film  industry, he used to feel a bit embarrassing for not able to speak English, but was keen to learn the language.Once during a film shooting, a production manager made some painful remarks on ANR.  Hurt with his remarks, he angrily saying “I will complete Balaramaih”.  Every one present burst into laughter and later explained him that it should be “I will complain Balaramaih” and not “complete”.
This made ANR more resolved to learn the language and with the help, guidance and tips from his co-artist, Peketi Sivaram, he started reading English daily ‘The Hindu” .Within no time, ANR has become fluent in the language and surprised all those who made a mockery of him. Listening to ANR speaking English, one gets a feeling that just like his acting and dance; he had his own style of command over the language
4 Days Gap Between ANR and NTR
Unfortunate coincidence is that NTR and ANR  Legendary Actors departed in the same month in a gap of just four days. If we,see  NTR ’s 18th death anniversary was Conducted exactly four days back  at NTR Ghat, Lets Pray tribute  for ANR to rest in peace
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