Southern Heroine Meets with Car Accident !

Southern Actress Khushboo Escapes Car Accident on Monday afternoon. The news was revealed by Kushboo herself on her Twitter Page.

The Kushboo was waiting at a signal in Chennai when an MTC bus hit her car from behind.Luckily Kushboo was not injured ,but her car lights, bumper and boot were badly damaged.

 The car was  a special gift  for Khushboo, as it was gift from her to her  husband, Sundar C.

 On her Twitter page, Kushboo wrote: "Wow!watte crash!! MTC crashes in2 my car when waiting at red light..boot,lights n bumper gone for a six..let him off with an advice n warning."

After her Fans Responded to her Tweet asking her if she was fine, Kushboo tweeted: "Thanks 4 the concern friends..I m fine but heart bleeds as this car,Q5,
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