Sweta Basu Prasad Reacted on her Sex Scandal !

Kottha Bangaru Lokam fame Sweta Basu Prasad shocked everyone with her Sex Scandal , A new Tv channel shot a video of  about sex with a business man and released it as a special artcile in their TV channel. Surprisingly it was spread all over Tollywood Film Industry. Swetha Basu Prasad never reacted on her Sex Scandal issue yet.Now she makes an official statement regarding this issue. She says that it was not her and she never would do such things for money, In her words "“It was not me. The channel shot the video using my body double. I will not do such things for the  money and I’m absolutely happy with my career. The reason why I was silent was because it was not me in the shooted  video.” What do you think ? Who Believe all this ?
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