Manchu Lakshmi Song in 'PPT'

Manchu Family Multi Star  Movie of ‘Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda, As per an update from Production Team,They are going to add a special song On  Manchu Lakshmi in a day or two  days into the final copy which is being exhibited now in theatres. 

Manoj Said that ‘The lady avatar of Mohini which I wore in the Film is Actually Designed by my sister lakshmi Prasanna. It takes Three hours for me to get ready with the costumes and make up. Now, I am very happy seeing the output and all my efforts are appreciated,Good to hear that also my sister Lakshmi prasanna a part of the film through a special song 

Let us wait for one or two more days to know about the Lakshmi Prasanna Song.
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