Ram Gopal Varma Next Film with Prabhas

Ram Gopal Varma who admires Prabhas and plan for  big budget Film Project very  soon. We know the nature of Prabhas,he is not a social person,But prabhas mostly attends  the every party hosted by RGV, Puri and others  are also  likes spend time with RGV.The Movie is based on a political satire and budget will be a 50 crores , Still Discussions are going between Prabhas and RGV  and  it could go on sets soon.

We know RGV, already  worked with Nag  and Venkatesh, But in few years RGV  stayed away from Tollywood ,At right now RGV  seems to be changing his track for Prabhas, since they have become good friends in the last few years.
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